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; sarcasm is my only defense ;

sera's journal


I'm sera and for some reason or other, you've found your way here. *g* So why not poke around a little?

My main fandoms are OMG Check Please!, Teen Wolf, Leverage, The Librarians and Person of Interest right now.

I've got interests in so many other fandoms though: Jurassic Park, Doctor Who, The Avengers, Buffy, Star Trek, Stargate, Criminal Minds and many, many more. Click here for a more comprehensive list of fandoms. I also have an "about me" post, but that's friends locked, sorry!

You can also find me on tumblr and AO3. My graphics are on LJ (raptor_inc; old one: theiconicplague).

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BLANKET STATEMENT: I welcome any and all transformative works. There is no need to ask my permission. If you want to podfic/translate/continue/remix/rewrite from a different POV/make art/write snippets and comment fic (and whatever else you can come up with) for any of my fics, go for it!

I'd love to get a link to your finished work so I can show any readers where there's more awesome stuff to be found (and to squee, of course).

Interests (145):

100x100, 2 fast 2 furious, 21 jump street, alan/billy, andré grandier, anthony horowitz, arthur/percy, barnaby/troy, bela/farin, ben/riley, bernard black, black books, blood ties (tv), bones, book of pure evil, books, brett/danny, burn notice, chris/vin, cinema, classic rock, cold case, community, crime novels, crime shows, criminal intent, criminal minds, crimson rivers, crossing jordan, csi: ny, d.e.b.s., daniel/emilien, daria, dharma & greg, die zwei, die ärzte, doctor who, doctor who (2005), documentaries, driving, due south, elementary, fanfic, fanfiction, fast & furious, fast and furious franchise, femslash, fraser/rayk, geb/konny, gibbs/dinozzo, gibbs/tony, gideon/reid, gil/nick, graphics, grimm, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/snape, hawaii 5-0, hawaii five-0, hermione/snape, house/chase, icons, iron man, jack/daniel, jim/blair, jurassic park, jurassic park 3, jurassic park films, jurassic world, killer instinct, kingsman: the secret service, kirk/spock, lady oscar, leverage, loci, making graphics, man from u.n.c.l.e., martha grimes, mcgarrett/williams, midsomer murders, mike/henry, music, national treasure, ncis, neal/peter/elizabeth, nick/cody, nick/stephen, niemans/kerkerian, nikki & nora, nikki/nora, oldies, pacific rim, pasta, percy/oliver, person of interest, persuaders, primeval, psych, qaf, reading, relic hunter, rigsby/van pelt, riptide, rose of versailles, severus snape, shawn/lassiter, sherlock, sherlock (bbc), slash, star trek, star trek reboot, star trek: tos, stargate, stargate sg-1, sterek, steve/danno, steve/danny, supernatural, tatort, tatort: münster, taxi, teen wolf, tftf, the avengers, the big bang theory, the fast and the furious franchise, the inside, the it crowd, the librarian, the librarians, the magnificent seven, the mentalist, the mummy, the persuaders, the sentinel, thiel/boerne, torchwood, warehouse 13, watching tv, white collar, wincest, wire in the blood, wolfgang hohlbein, writing
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